Well, I'm sure many of you know about the Wiki's feature to add comments to pages. I found an option somewhere that allows us to turn this ability off and stop these comments. Blogs would remain the same, but you could no longer comment on articles and talk pages.

The only reason I suggest this is because the majority of the edits and changes on the wiki are pointless comments on random pages. People attack each other, calling ideas stupid, and, in the end, these comments just end up making the "Recent Edits" section look more like Facebook and Twitter than a reliable database for Twilight Saga information. If you want to keep the comment option or get rid of it, please comment below and explain WHY YOU FEEL THAT WAY!!!

    • Also, I had a conversation with someone at Wikia Community Central, and he said that the recent changes is cluttered all due to the comments section. Both he and I feel that the wiki would be more productive if we eliminated the comments section and allowed users to use talk pages, the chat, or edit pages. This is a Wiki, after all, not Facebook or Twitter.
    • And, if we do turn them off for a time, they can be re-activated and vice-versa!!

Thanks for reading this you guys!!!


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