Hi guys, it's me, TheLunarEclipse. As you know, Luna already created a forum for my adminship. Many people left comments, many wanted me to be an admin. Well, I do think that I hadn't gotten used to the wiki, and needed more experience to this site. Well, now I have the most edits of any user besides Luna and the Admins, I have already been familiarized by all of the wiki processes from the other wiki that I actually started editing on, and I believed that I have helped this wiki a bit more. Well, last night, I went to Pam and asked for adminship. I feel proud of myself, but I am also nervous for her response. I saw she came on last night, but did not reply to my message. I was wondering how many of you would like me to become an admin, and I am curious as to how many of you think I am ready for me to become one. Please post feedback, as I would love to hear all of your oppinions. Thanks!

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