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It has been 5 years since the birth of Renesmee Cullen, 5 years since that frightening meeting with the Volturi. Bella has become more comfortable with her diet, being able to control it very well. A lot has changed since the happy little fairytale ending. Renesmee and Jacob had gone out for about 3 years, ever since Renesmee took the appearance of a 17 year old. The two were in love like never before; all was well until a mistake took the golden bliss away from the family…

Renesmee began to show signs of pregnancy, Jacob’s baby. When they finally decided to tell the family Edward was completely furious. Edward was so furious, in fact, that he attacked Jacob for doing that to his daughter, like he was an abomination. He hurt Jacob pretty badly but because of his healing abilities Jacob was fully healed in a week’s time. All hell broke loose as Renesmee took Jacob and they fled into the woods to be seen by everyone in the family however everyone was too busy calming Edward down before he killed Jacob. It took every one of the Cullens to hold him down, giving Renesmee and Jacob a clear break away to run off. They fled away from there, very far away.

When the family had tried to find them they fled again into another country and straight into another vampire coven’s territory who complained to the Volturi about how they “almost gave away the secret to the whole human race”. The truth is they did not but now the vampire has the Volturi on their tail, trying to locate them. Meanwhile the baby is born, a beautiful baby girl, Cleo. Jacob and Renesmee have no idea that the Volturi want to capture them both, and the Volturi did not know about the baby until they pay a visit to the Cullens. The Volturi want in on the baby, they want to know how Renesmee has changed and about Cleo.

The Cullens immediately go to search for them but as they do, a war is established between the wolves and the vampires once again. Jacob’s formal pack, Leah and Seth, try to gather up and persuade members of Sam’s pack to join them on their hunt for Jacob and Renesmee with the vampires but Sam isn’t taking very kindly to that and gather a few other packs up to search for Jacob. They want to have their own little “talk” with him.

Will the Cullens make it in time to save Renesmee, Jacob, and the new baby? Will Edward finally accept it?

What will become of the war between the wolves and vampires, will they stay split or unite as one to save them?

How much time?

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