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  • I live in England, UK
  • I was born on May 9
  • My occupation is Twihard, Volturi guard ;)
  • I am Female
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    May 29, 2012 by ThatVolturiFangirl

    I realise there's normally not a lot of people on the Live! Chat normally. I actually think it's great when there is. When I sign in, I look at the chat part of the page where it tells you who's on it. Sometimes, however, it has a profile picture of a player (not me). Obviously, I think this is someone on the chat so I join it and... Poof. I refresh the page and I'm all alone. This happens a lot and it's irritating. I've refreshed the page up to three times to see if the person really is there. Each time I've done this, same thing, I'm alone. It's SO annoying.

    I just wanted to know if anyone's had this problem too.

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  • ThatVolturiFangirl

    Chapter 5


    The Cullens were everywhere. They watched me so closely... It was so eerie. Every inch of my body was itching to transform; I could feel the wolf tearing me apart inside, aching to be freed. In fact, it was so intense that the only thing keeping me from doing so was the thought that Jay was only a short walk away. I ignored the eyes on me and continued after Carlisle. The scent of them was almost painful at the point. However, one scent was different- it smelled human... Almost.

    It seemed like it took forever but we finally got there after I was lead through a huge maze-like house. Jay was lying in a hospital type bed, pale and unconscious. A heart monitor beeped next to him at a seemingly normal pace and a tube was up his…

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    Chapter 4


    I ran as fast as my wolf legs would carry me across the thick sand. It clung to my fur and sprayed up as I bounded, leaving large craters that were my paw prints. I needed to go back to clear them away but there was no time now. Less than five seconds later, I was in the forest, my paws thudding on dirt and grass. My instincts told me that only Jared and Sam were shifted. The other seventeen members must have been busy. Ellie? I heard Sam's thoughts to me. You alright? I thought hard about what had happened back on the beach- The entire conversation and my last sight of Jay before I shifted. Then him after I did so. I rem…

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    Chapter 3


    When I returned from the forest, I phased back, got changed, grabbed a quick sandwich and headed to Jay's house. Earlier, I had heard Paul's thoughts suggesting that he had brought him back so I didn't need to ask.
    I hadn't seen him since he'd been dragged off by those stupid gothic leeches. My phone's inbox was empty even though I had sent about five messages already. I had to see him to make sure he was ok and nothing bad had happened. A tight feeling formed in my chest. The 'what if' questions began to whiz around in my head.
    What if he was injured badly? What if they almost drained the life out of him? What if I mishe…

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    Chapter 2


    As I drifted in and out of consciousness, I heard voices. Although faint at first, I began to hear them a bit more after a few minutes. They were echoing, just like I was hearing them in a dream.
    I could hear Sam, my brother, in the room. Paul was also there.
    "... and left them alone." Paul told Sam. I missed the first part of his sentence.
    "Why was Leah there?" The alpha asked.
    "She didn't want Seth to come alone."
    I tried to make a noise or move but I couldn't. I was glued to whatever I was lying on and my voice didn't seem to work. Unfortunately, I was as still as unbroken water on a windless day.
    "Alright. I'm going to …

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