Ok, yesterday i was thinking, what if things had happened differently?

What If...

Bella chose Jacob?

What would edward do? Bella is his life, so what would happen? would he go to the voultori? if he did, and bella found out, would she kill herself, because she still loves edward? Then what would jacob do if bella was dead? Would the voultori kill bella, because she will never be immortal?

Bella had an abortion like Edward wanted?

Would bella have been changed on isle esme?

Edward hadn't hadn't sucked james's venom out of bella?

Would jacob still have fallen in love with bella, or because he never got to know her properly, would he hate her once he began phasing? How would bella and rosalie get on? would victoria be killed earlier than eclipse, because bella wasn't fragile anymore, or would she give up? Would bella ever want children, they way rosalie predicted, or would she always just want edward?

Interesting thought, isn't it? one more, and its a horrible one...

What If...

Stephanie hadn't dreampt of the meadow...

Would Twilight have happened?


Ps. I make twilight wallpapers, i have nine. E-mail me at If you want them, i will send you them all, free, of course. They will be the right size for a 1366x768 screen. here is a small version of one of them

Meadow Wallpaper

Demo Wallpaper

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