It looks like twi-moms are on Team Jacob. The Social Security Administration has just released the most popular baby names for 2010, and the number one names are Jacob and Isabella. Though the connection between the names growing in popularity isn't necessarily caused by the Twilight novels, it seems a remarkable coincidence. Isabella was the most popular girl's name last year as well, while Jacob has been the most popular boys name for over a decade. The name Bella is also growing in popularity; it has climbed from 749 in 2000 to number 48 on the list in 2010.

Mom's don't love all of Stephenie Meyer's character's names, though: Edward lags far behind Jacob, coming in at 136. Cullen, though, has had a recent spike in popularity: It was the 782nd most popular name in 2008 and has jumped up the list to 413. The rest of the Cullen clan's names are moving up on the list, too. Esme just cracked the top 1000 to land at 921 this year, which is apparently the highest it's been since 1879. Emmett and Jasper climbed up the charts as well, jumping up hundreds of slots in the last few years, as has the name Rosalie.

Jacob seems to be the only popular werewolf name; the rest seem to be dropping. The Social Security Administration reports that Paul, Jared, and Seth have all declined in popularity in the past 10 years, while Sam has managed to hold steady. The human characters' names aren't fairing much better, with Renee dropping in popularity and Charlie increasing just slightly over the past few years. Billy, Tyler, and Lauren have all declined in popularity as well.

Luckily for baby girls everywhere, Renesmee has yet to make the top 1000 list.

Personaly I think this is pretty awesome, but what do you think?

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