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So i took a request to do a interview with the Voltori but i just did one with jane. It is shorter than my others because i dont know as much about jane as i do about the CUllens so it ws harder for the "reporter" o tryed to make my wording a little different knowing that "I" was scared of her. Also i tryed to make it sound as thought she talked like she was from another time! so i hope you like it!!

Cullen Watch week 4

Today we will talk with Voltori member Jane.

CW- Welcome Jane How are you?

J- Fine thank you.

CW- Great! So we wondered if we could ask you a few questions… OWWWWWW what was that???

J- Just making sure, And why would I be here if you wernt going to ask me questions? CW- Sorry… Geese that hurt…

J- Good

CW- Well anyway… How close are you and you twin??? J- Um Very close we work and live together and well he is my brother.

CW- Yeahhh. What would you think if Edward and Alice Cullen joined the Voltori?

J- Well personally I don’t want them to because then they would get all of Aro’s glory. All the glory should be for me and Alec. But don’t tell Aro. I act like I would love it but really it is just an act.

CW- OK. So some other vampires we have met wish they were under grave stones right now. How do you Feel about that?

J- I think that it is both a blessing and a curse to be what I am. It changes from time to time.

CW- Yes I can understand. How do you feel about Kate from the Denli coven??? OOOOOOOOWWWWWWW AH AH AH AH JANE STOP!!! J- Don’t mention her.

CW- sorry… UH lets wrap up a little bit soon! J- why don’t you like my presence?

CW-Oh yes I love being with you uh… but uh I have another appointment with Rosalie Hale! Uh yeah

J-fine ( poof and she is gone)

CW- ok well that was cullen watch!

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