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So one day at my moms work i was really board so i wrote this I hope you like it!!!

This week we will be talking to Bella and Edward Cullen.

CW- Hey guys! Glad to have you!

EC- Hello, nice to be here.


CW- So how are the newly weds???

EC- We are very good thank you.

CW- You look fabulous Bella.

BC-Thanks, you know, I am really adapting to this life!

CW- That is really good! Edward how are you liking her being a vampire.

EC- Well I feel bad about taking her soul but otherwise I love it! It is so much easer for me!

CW- Awesome. So how is Renesmee??

BC- She is doing great. She is only 2 years old but looks like an 8 year old! We put her in school and they have advanced her to 8th grade! We took her out cuz that was a big leap.

CW- what grade did you put her in???

EC- 3rd, but we told her to act a little dumb… she was still to smart.

CW-well being to smart is better than being to dumb! How is Charlie?

BC-HE is good too. He finally let us tell him what we were rather than just knowing that we were different.

CW- Ooooo. How did he take it???

BC-well he asked if I was gonna suck his blood… (Laughs) I told him that I haven’t yet so why would I now!

CW-LOL so Edward how do you feel about Jacob imprinting on Renesmee?

EC- well I understand the concept of it and if it was any other little girl I would be ok with it but is my little girl and so it is hard for me to let her go.

CW- yeah. Who is your favorite person in you family besides each other and Renesmee?

BC- That is hard because I love them all but if it was die (laughs) or choose than I would choose Emmett or Alice!

EC- I agree with Bella on the first part… hmmmmm…. I’m sorry but I can’t choose.

BC-fine than I take mine back!

CW- ok ok! So how do you think Renesmee will look like next year?

BC- She is 2 now and looks like an 8 year old so next year I assume she will be like 10 looking.

EC- I agree.

CW- So how is your cottage holding up ( laughs)

EC- (laughs) Good! Way better than Rosalie and Emmett’s!

BC-I love my cottage! It is perfect! I couldn’t ask for a better house!

CW- Bella dear you are verryy lucky… your husband is soooo hott!!!

BC-I know!

EC- (Kisses Bella on the cheek)

CW- Awwwwwwwww!!!!!!! OK so what do you do at night sense you don’t sleep??

BC- If we told you, you would think its gross !!!

EC- Bella love… We mostly hang out with our family. I play the piano and Bella just talks with everyone!

CW- Cool. Bella do you ever think about going to college???

BC- Yes I am studding at night also so I can get into Dartmouth. I am all registered for the fall!

CW- Cool what will you major in?

BC- Well Edward has majored in almost every thing so I want to try and beat him out! CW- good for you! Ok guys its time to go!

EC- Thank you very much for having us.

BC-Yeah thanks!

That was Cullen watch please comment!!!

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