• Teamedward4eva

    Whoes ready?

    September 9, 2011 by Teamedward4eva

    Is everyone ready for the best Twilight movie to come out!!? ONLY 65 more days!! I cant wait i think im uthe most excited person on the blog!! I just cant wait even though they said that Eclipse was the best one i know that will all change once Breaking Dawn part 1 and 2 come out!! But i have a ?,,,, are they going to make it so that she has her baby in the second one or the first one? I think they should have it be in the 2nd one because that is how it is in the book. But then again ,...... I DONT THINK I CAN WAIT ANY LONGER FOR THIS MOVIE!! If you agree with me you will comment on my blog!!

    ~~Love always,~~

    Teamedward4eva !!


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  • Teamedward4eva


    July 29, 2011 by Teamedward4eva

    Why hasnt anyone been on chat lately!! I get on here everyday and no one seems to care about the chat room lately!! We need to become a family again!! HELPP!!! Get back on the chat!! You guys what happened I need to tallk to you guys im bord..



    Teamedward4eva (ALWAYS AND FOREVER)

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  • Teamedward4eva

    Hey guys, I was just thinking... I was just wondering why do you guys think that Bella chose Edward over Jacob? Even though she may think that Edward is her soulmate, other than that facy, why did she choose him? I mean we all know that Jake is WAYYY hotter than Edward is.... And Jake looks like he is a better kisser that he is... why would she chose him??

    I was just wondering so if you guys could just give me your honest answers it would be greatly appreciated..



    Teamedward4eva (ALWAYS AND FOREVER)

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  • Teamedward4eva

    I was watching Eclipse and i remembered that i didnt get something. What does Jasper mean mean when he says "They will give us the numbers."? Every time i watch that movie i always get confused at what he actually means,

    So i was wondering if any of you guys know what it means and if you do know what it means can you please tell me so that i wont be lost anymore? i would really appreciate it if you guys would share that information with me!! Thankx you guys are awesome!


    Teamedward4va (ALWAYA AND FOREVER)

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  • Teamedward4eva

    Hey i just wanted to know if any of you guys have read the series called Night World.. I have read book 1 and 2 it is realyy good ... There are only 3 book but they are 3 in 1 .. so technically there are 9 books. I just think that if you have heard of them you should give it a try.

    The author is L.J. Smith shes pretty good!!



    TeamEdward (ALWAYS AND FOREVER@!)

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