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  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl

    hey,i was fliking through channels and i ended up on fyi,and stephenie meyer was on saying that she might make another TWILIGHT FILM!!!!!

    She says it would be about renesmee and jacob and their love life.She also said she would'nd contunie bella and edward's love story as she thinks we've seen enough!

    She said she did'nd want to get our hope's up as the 6th twilight film is only a idea,but she said that she could make it into a film!

    so..........write a comment or whatever of what you think!

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  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl

    oh so hey!

    So we all know about robert,kristen and taylor!But there's been rumors about taylor stealing kristen from kristen.But i was looking at a mag and they said that rob had a big row with taylor and kristen after going on the Ellen's show!But taylor said that there's no fighting or drama going on between them as it would be weird and akward when they have to filming together.

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  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl

    hey guy's,this is afew questions about twilight. either leave you ansers on this page or on my talk page and ill write bk to see if their right. good luck everyone !!

    1. name everybody in the twilight saga?
    2. who catches bella's flowers in breaking dawn?
    3. what is the name of bella's daughter ?
    4. how long does it take for bella's transformatinson
    5. why do the volturi come to kill the cullens?
    6. who does jacob imprint in breaking dawn ?
    7. who tells billy that bella is dead at the end of the movie ?

    thank you everybody who cast's their vote !

    renesmee hutchinson 15:41, March 15, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl


    February 29, 2012 by TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl

    --renesmee hutchinson 15:27, February 29, 2012 (UTC)

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  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl

    hi !!!!! this page is about all the good twilight quotes. enjoy !!!

    1:before you bella,my life was a moonless night.very dark,but their were stars,point's of light and reason.............................and then you shotacross my sky like a metor.Suddenly everything was on fire;there was brilliancy,there was beauty.When you were gone,when the metor had fallen over the horizon,everything went black.Nothing had changed,but my eyes were blinded by the light.I could'nd see the stars anymore,And there was no reason for nothing. said by:edward cullen in new moon.

    2:and so the lion fell in love with the lamb,

    what a stupid lamb.

    what a sick masochistic lion. said by:edward and bella in twilight.

    3:if i could dream at all,it would be about not a…

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