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January 18, 2012
  • I live in District 12, Panem, America.
  • I was born on March 9
  • My occupation is Tribute, Girl on fire.
  • I am not pretty. I am not beautyful. I am as radiant as the sun.
  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl
    renesmee carlie cullen is the child of edward and bella cullen as well as jacob's inprinee.bella gives her the strange and beautyful name renesmee prounounced ruh-nez-mee, and it is the name of her mother and step-mother's names esme and renee.if the baby was a boy it would be called ej a mixter or edward and jacob

    everyone is wondering whether jacob and renesmee get together, well as a baby they are just best friends but when renesmee is older she get's romantic feeling's for him and they get together. she is a half human and half vampire and has the same pale skin though she has a heart beat and blood runs through her vein's.she has a special power that when she touches someone they can read her thought's.

    love alway's

    teamtwilightfan aka r…

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  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl
    hi i love twilight,edward,renesmee and imprintin Read more >
  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl

    ok.we all no that renesmee's cute!!!!!! so even if you dont like her you have to say she is cute. but what i want to no is if you like her or not. and if you think she should of been born or if her and jacob should be together ? so write what u feel !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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  • TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl

    i love twilight. i dream and talk about it !!!!!! im, team edward and i love renesmee cullen (not only because thats my name :) )

    i love bella,rosalie.carlile,esme,emmett,jasper,alice,edward and every1 else

    I LOVE TWILIGHT FORVER  :):):):):):):)

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