Hola! I've never made nice blogs and this isn't an exception, tbh. I just changed *some* usernames to their opposites. Have fun! And *NO OFFENCE*, guys, this is only for entertainment. Like them? :)

  • TeamRobwardsessiveEnjoyableSmartWhiteFailure'sGirl (TeamTaycobsessiveObnoxiousMoronicBlackNike's Girl)
  • TeamRobwardSoDealWithIt (TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt)
  • DenaliHater (DenaliLover)
  • UnluckyTimothy (LuckyTimothy)
  • MajorStoop (MinorStoop)
  • YellowBlonde (LavendaBrunette)
  • LegolasandAragornHottestdudes (JasperandDamonHottestvamps)
  • Jacob Is Better 23 (Edward Is Better 23)
  • TheOlympicCovensBitch (TheWolfPacksBitch)
  • Hate and Repulsion (Love and Lust) (LMAO, sorry Sav. Like, really. xD)
  • TeamTaybert1402 (TeamJakeward1402)
  • JacobB1ackRocks (EdwardCu11enRocks)
  • TeamSunlightHaterHorribleGirl (TeamTwilightFanLawrenceGirl)
  • Almirahatessunlight (Almiralovestwilight)
  • Sunlightsagahater (Twilightsagafan)
  • TheSolarEclipse (TheLunarEclipse)

Any extra ideas? If you do have, I'll add them to the list. :)

Bye! *Jacob hugs* :)

Nike's Girl aka Long-TT 14:41, July 20, 2012 (UTC)

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