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Quiz For Copy/Paste :)

Well, I haven't made a blog for forever so here it is! Here is a quiz made by me to copy and paste in your profile (if you want, of course :) )

  • Favourite ice cream flavour:
  • Favourite colour:
  • Fvaourite subject at school:
  • Favourite song right now:
  • Quickly, pick a Twilight name!:
  • Favourite Twilight vehicle:
  • Do you want to be an admin on this wiki?
  • Favourite quote from Twilight movie:
  • Favourite quote from New Moon movie:
  • Favourite quote from Eclipse movie:
  • Favourite quote from Breaking Dawn part 1 movie:
  • Favourite Jacob Black outfit:
  • Favourite Edward Cullen outfit:
  • Favourite Bella Swan outfit:
  • Team Jella or Team Bedward?:
  • Team Alice or Team Rosalie (this one is difficult):
  • Do you like Jacob/Jella hugs?:
  • In which movie did your favourite Jacob/Jella hug happened?:

That's it. Thanks for reading Di-N1I6.gif

Bye-bye *Jacob hugs* Nike's Girl 17:31, February 12, 2012 (UTC)

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