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My wiki birthday!

Some of you may love me. Some of you may hate me. But that's not the topic of this blog. ;)

Today's my wiki birthday!! Yeah, I've been one year on this wiki and met some awesome people on here. *Jacob hugs*


I hope I've been nice to you all this time (except undoing some people's edits 22px-SMirC-puppyeyes.svg.png). Also, I believe (= I want to believe) that I haven't bugged/annoyed/scared you with all my questions/(past) Taycobsession/eccentricity, etc.


I like this wiki and its people a lot. I've learned a lot about editing on this wiki and I would have been nowhere without LuckyTimothy, MinorStoop and TagAlongPam's help, PATIENCE and politeness (not sure if I forgot anyone... 22px-SMirC-dunno.svg.png).


Hope I was a good friend and wiki-fellow from September 2011. That's it, bye! 22px-SMirC-beam.svg.png


Nike'sGirl 13:12, September 6, 2012 (UTC)

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