I didn't like the new BD promo poster *the Volvo*, it looked so...well..weird.Did you like it?( :P )So, I made a new one.I call it "My revenge aka BD poster". It was easy to make it.You take a Jella photo...blah blah copy and paste it and here it is! Do you like it? It's MUCH hotter than the B&E one, isn't it?And finally Bella's truck!And...Jacob!It's unfair not to have Jacob and Wolf-Pack posters!You can call it "My revenge" too! Okay, I know BD's plot isn't about Jella, but I couldn't resist!

It's AWESOME and you know it!Much better than the *other one*

It would be a nice poster for Eclipse,right? Please, don't hate me if you don't like it! ;)

Well, you aksed me to do a Wolf-Pack one. Here it is:



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