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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    The official Twilight Saga Facebook page has posted, and apparently, we're going to get a "major announcement" tomorrow! I know I'm gonna be right in school when it happens, someone will text me what it is, and I'll have a heart attack. Lol. I missed fangirling.

    What do you think the announcement will be? TeamTaycob 02:33, January 7, 2013 (UTC)

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    ...I come across a certain blog article, and I find it really, really great.

    Blind Items Revealed

    This actress had a chance to get to A list. She was this close and was in a movie that got her nominated for one of the big awards and everything was going great. Then she had a personal tragedy which she does not discuss much and since that time she has worked on her career but other things in her life are more important. For her, she has been focusing on kids, especially those who are terminally ill. Her favorite thing to do which she does at least once a week is go to a children’s hospital and sit and meet with kids and they watch some of her most famous movies. The movies that still make kids scream with delight when she comes visit them. S…

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    ...Just not really over Twilight. There's no Twilight movie coming out this year. Crap.

    Happy New Year! TeamTaycob 16:02, January 1, 2013 (UTC)

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Happy Holidays, Twilight Wiki. Y'all are the best.

    And now I'm gonna go back to sleep. Bye.

    Take care,

    TeamTaycob 15:01, December 25, 2012 (UTC)

    Update: Excuse the holiday wishes spam, please. Now I'm going to sleep.

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  • TeamTaycobSoDealWithIt

    Well, okay, yeah, Thanksgiving just happened. But Christmas (as well as other holidays) is approaching.

    But besides the holidays, I would like to know how you guys have been. Really. I've only talked to, like... two of you? Yeah. I know. I suck. And I don't feel like messaging about 10 of you at once. Too much effort. >.<

    Recently, I've been investing a lot of my time into obsessing over Taylor. I mean, yeah, I do that, anyway, but recently he's been the only thing that can keep me sane. I don't watch videos of him on a daily basis (because who has time for that?) but I've been trying to recently. I've also been really, really into fanfiction. With the Saga just ending (and I swear I remember thinking, "Haha, it's gonna be SUCH a long time u…

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