Yesterday I was visiting family, and my cousin and I were bored, so we watched all four first Twilight movies in one day.
The cullens and jakob

Breaking Dawn - Part 1 is still in theaters in my city, believe it or not, so we saw it at around 12 in the afternoon. The theater wasn't packed (the weather was bad), and the trailers for The Hunger Games and Snow White & the Huntsman played, so I was a bit giddy. Those are two of the four movies I really want to see this year. My cousin and I whispered a lot during the movie (surprisingly, I wasn't shushed, like the last time I saw BD-1 in theaters), and I cried a bit more than I should have, but it was fun. I finally realized by the third time I saw Breaking Dawn - Part 1 in theaters that it's one of those movies that is both easy to hate and easy to love. I have to say that my favorite parts would be before Bella got pregnant, the birth scene until the end of the movie, and all of the wolf pack scenes.

In honor of the splendid Jacob Black's birthday, my cousin and I watched the other Twilight movies too, at her house and on DVD. But it wasn't in order. We randomly picked New Moon, then Twilight, and then Eclipse. We were laughing and talking the entire time.

By the time we were done, we had watched almost twelve full hours of Twilight. It is a lot easier said than done. I was so tired afterwards.

My point? Twelve hours of Twilight is a hell of a time, kiddos. One can only take so much drama, awkward dialogue, and brooding stares. I'll most likely be on the Wiki all day today, since I missed so much yesterday and I have nothing to do anyway, but I won't be watching any Twilight movies any time soon.

With love,

TeamTaycob 23:09, January 15, 2012 (UTC)

P.S. - If you're wondering why it took about twelve hours rather than just ten, that's because of the extra things like going to the restroom, getting stuff, etc. We even took a break to throw snowballs at stuff.

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