They can be from any of the movies, by any artist, whatever. List as many as you want!!

Mine are (not in any particular order because this would take me forever):

  1. Leave Out All The Rest (great!)
  2. I Caught Myself (better than Decode to me)
  3. Eyes On Fire (I adore this one! Blue Foundation is my new favorite band!!)
  4. Flightless Bird, American Mouth (sort of an indie waltz)
  5. Bella's Lullaby, as weird as it is (can play it on my violin)
  6. Possibility (so sad! I can play a little bit on my violin)
  7. Satellite Heart (beautiful)
  8. Roslyn (gorgeous, should be New Moon's theme song)
  9. Shooting The Moon (an upbeat, fun indie waltz)
  10. New Moon (The Meadow) (can play a little bit on my violin. Love love love!)
  11. Eclipse (All Yours) (can play on my violin. Is a good choice for Bella's theme music. Listen to the Eclipse score for more info.)
  12. Ours (fun, upbeat, and a good shift from the Twilight Saga's "blue-ish" moods.)
  13. Heavy In Your Arms (I love Florence + The Machine! And now I have Dog Days Are Over stuck in my head...)
  14. My Love (I love Sia! Listen to I'm In Here!)
  15. Let's Get Lost (I want to get lost with Jacob Black!)
  16. What Part Of Forever (well, sometimes I like it)
  17. Jacob's Theme (can play on my violin. It's a sorrowful piece.)

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