Twilight parodies.

Some of you may smile at the two words, some of you may roll your eyes, and some of you may be totally hotheaded by just reading this blog. Personally, I love parodies of the Twilight Saga, but only if they are clever and not too bashful of the Saga. (Saying the word "gay" all the time + disgusting additions does not make a very good parody, in my opinion.)

One of the best parodies I have ever seen was The Hillywood Show's Eclipse parodies. Though their parodies are always good, this one is my favorite. Every time I view it, it makes me think, "Eclipse sooo should have been a musical." I enjoy it that much. So I would like to show it to those that haven't seen it, or have but just wanted to see it again because of how awesome it is. The Hillywood Show is amazing with detail, by the way. Here it is.


Now, my point: What is your opinion on parodies? Why do you like/dislike or love/hate them? What is the best parody you have ever seen?

Twilightish love always,


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