So we all have our favorable moments from the Twilight Saga. I can't just pick one. My favorite moments are, in order, when Bella was underwater (with her Edward hallucination) in the New Moon film and Grizzly's "Slow Life" was playing. Then, also in the New Moon movie, when Jacob was telling Bella something along the lines of "I'll never hurt you." Then, from the same movie, when Edward left. It was...I don't even know, yet I liked it. But, uh, it really made Ed look like a jerk (an even bigger one, I mean) to ditch her in the middle of the forest where she obviously did not know her way out of it. He could have dropped her off in her driveway or something...but that's a different story meant for a different time.

Moving on!

I'm a sucker for the tender moments, as well as the funny moments.

So what's your favorite moment in the Twilight Saga? It can be from the books or the movies. Have fun, tell me in the comments, drink a juice pouch, get creative, etc.



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