Okay, we all love our characters. Someone may love Jacob, someone else may love Edward, and someone else may love all the characters in between. Also, we all dislike at least one character. That's natural. And I get it: people will defend and contradict opinions. But I was recently on a Top 10 list that was something along the lines of why Bella Swan is stupid. I agree that she isn't the smartest character in the universe, but people were there defending her. People said things like, "Can't we all be nice?" and, "She's a character. Stephenie Meyer wrote her that way. Deal with it." But why is Bella the only character being defended here? Because she's the protagonist of the Twilight Saga? Because she's a girl? Because she's important? But what if, say, Tanya was the topic? What if someone started a list stating why she isn't a good character? I doubt that anyone would lightly defend her and say, "Nice things should only be said here," and, "She's just a character. Deal with it." Is this seriously just Twilight fan hypocrisy? Why defend Bella but not defend Jacob or Rosalie or Aro? I know these are just characters and will never be any more than just characters, but still. People can deal with Bella being the dipwad that she is because she's just written that way, but with Jacob or Rosalie or Aro, because the character is not perfect like Mrs. Mary Sue herself (Bella), it's okay for people to mouth off with harsh words and make it okay for mean things to be said just because the character is an unsung hero. Isn't that just a little hypocritical?

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