The other day, I was watching a video on the Season 2 Volume 1 DVD of Glee. There were a bunch of Gleeks, lined up in a humongous line, in Glee gear, and going insane for Jane Lynch. I laughed and said, "Losers," but felt bad about it later. I mean, aren't Twihards the same way over Twilight, lined up in a humongous line, in Twilight gear, and going insane for Robert Pattinson or Kristen Stewart or Taylor Lautner or any other Twilight actor? Some (or most) Twihards that do not enjoy Glee (I love both, but would pick Twilight over Glee any day), probably think that Gleeks are losers and/or stupid. But Gleeks could be thinking the same thing about Twihards. So, what's the difference between the Twilight fans/Twilighters/Twihards and the Glee fans/Gleeks anyway, if there is one (besides the obvious reason: Gleeks love Glee and Twihards/Twilighters love Twilight)? I want to hear your opinion, because my brain is wrapped around this and I have nothing so far.

XOXO, TeamTaycob

(P.S: Join my Breaking Dawn online book club!)

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