Dear Bella,

I have just finished reading Breaking Dawn, and I see that you have named your half-human/half- vampire child Renesmee Carlie. It certainly is a creative, eye-catching name meant for, say, a supermodel or an annonymous author. I also see that you love your family enough to name your offspring after them. Renesmee = Renee + Esme. Carlie = Carlisle + Charlie. How cute.

But don't you love all of your family? Your human family and vampire family? Don't you? If you did, and wanted to make everything fair, you would have rather named Renesmee:

Renesmettalie Charjaslicephilisle

Renesmettalie = Renee + Emmett + Rosalie. Charjaslicephilisle = Charlie + Jasper + Alice + Phil + Carlisle.

Bella, Renesmee is a swell choice, but isn't Renesmettalie Charjaslicephilisle only fair?


A fan

(This letter was only meant to be taken as a joke and isn't supposed to be offensive in any way possible. If it is insulting to you... well, it's not supposed to be insulting.)

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