What is the deal with some--some, I say; I am not speaking of all of them--fans of the Twilight Saga! Some just adore the movies with all their hearts, but could care less about the music!

Imagine the first movie without Muse's interesting, sort-of-creepy "Supermassive Black Hole" during the baseball scene. Imagine Bella and Edward dancing in the gazebo without Iron and Wine's waltzy, sweet "Flightless Bird, American Mouth" to make the scene even better. And who could forget the repetitive, sort-of-weird-but-sort-of-cute-too "Bella's Lullaby" by Carter Burwell?

Imagine the second movie without Lykke Li's sad, tear-jerking track "Possibility", illustrating Bella's odd depression for months. Imagine the friendship montage of Bella and Jacob in his garage, building bikes, without OK Go's 6/8 song with a big ending "Shooting The Moon." Imagine no such thing as "New Moon" by Carter Burwell existing in the New Moon score.

Imagine the third movie without Sia's haunting, gorgeous "My Love" song playing as Bella and Edward heavily made out and eventually became officially engaged.

Okay, you get the idea.

My point is that the music of the Twilight Saga, the soundtracks and the scores, are not nearly appreciated enough by some as others appreciate them. The music, especially the scores, are the unsung heroes of the movies. The movies would be so different without them. The music really is important. I'm not saying anyone here hates the music, but still. This topic bugs me because I care for the music so much and like it more than any of the movies. But that's just me. I'm obsessed with music in general anyway.

I find the Twilight Saga music great. If I had never listened to it, I would never like classical so much now despite my being a violinist, and Sia, Florence + The Machine, and Blue Foundation would not be some of my favorite artists.

Note, people, that I am not saying that absolutely nobody likes the music. Consider that before you say, "Speak for yourself, peaches!"

My main point is that:

I am composing a Twilight Saga music medley. It is a violin cover of some of the music (both soundtracks and scores) of the first three movies of the Twilight Saga. It's not like anyone here is begging me to compose this, but I thought I'd just say it anyway after my long rant. Wish me luck as I learn most of these musical pieces by ear!

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