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The Most Jaw-Dropping Moments In The Twilight Saga?

Yeah, lots of surprising stuff happens in the Twilight Saga, so I want to know what you think are the absolutely most jaw-dropping, OME-did-this-really-happen??!!! moments in the entire series. From the books, from the movies, etc, etc. By the way, I'm sorry if I may have offended anyone in my last blog, contradicting their opinions on Edward Cullen. Blogs aren't supposed to be that... well, vicious. And based on how I acted, I should be sent to the lions because I can behave more like a lion than a lamb (LOL, Twilight reference). Anyways, have fun, tell me what you think are the most jaw-dropping, and join my Breaking Dawn online book club if you want. I have no members yet! :(

Soooo.... tell me, tell me, tell me!

XOXO, TeamTaycob/Dijah/K/etc.

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