I'm not even done watching this video yet, but I felt the need to blog it out. The Edward is different (le sniffle, 'cause I actually liked the old one), but I am dying. I swear, it's like the Hillywood Show read my fricking mind when I was thinking that "Marry The Night" would be perfect (though "Marry And Wed" just sounds funny). This parody isn't my favorite so far, but hey! I'm not even done yet. The Jacob, though...Oh my gosh, lol. Watch it!!

Have fun!

TeamTaycob 03:46, February 2, 2012 (UTC)

UPDATE: I have now seen the parody. Okay, it's not as epic as the Eclipse one, and it also seemed a bit rushed, but I still enjoyed it. Jacob. On. The. Honeymoon. LMFAO.



And now, an honest review of the parody:

Straight off the bat, I'm going to say that I like it. I don't love it, but I do like it a lot. It seems a bit short and also rushed, but the movie was also short and rushed, so the Hillywood Show didn't have a lot to work with. I know a bunch of Hillywood fans are going, "Where's Jacob?!" (as in the actor Jacob Jost, who [ironically] plays Edward). I was thinking the same thing. I love Jacob's portrayal of Edward, so I was disappointed as well. I started crying and screaming when I heard "Marry The Night" (though the "Marry And Wed" thing was weird), since I had thought earlier that the song would be great for a Hillywood Show parody. The rest of the parody was so-so. The "Having My Baby" parts were so awkward, but I liked them. Overall, I think the only thing that makes this parody decent is Jacob (as in Kyle Dayton, who plays Jacob Black). He is so random in this video, it's hilarious. I loved all his scenes. Also, he looks a bit like Taylor Lautner, which is great dedication on the Hillywood Show's part. I love the Hillywood Show, but the Breaking Dawn - Part 1 parody isn't the best. Hopefully, their Twilight parodies will go out with a bang with Breaking Dawn - Part 2.

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