Twilight Saga (fairly easy) trivia!

-No cheating

-Post your answers here and by question number

-Have fun

1) What year was Bella Swan born in?

2) What color is Edward Cullen's hair?

3) How tall is Jacob Black by Eclipse?

4) How did the nomadic vampires (Laurent, Victoria, James) die in order?

5) Is Lauren Mallory Bella's friend?

5) How many pages long is Twilight?

6) Does Ben Cheney exist in the movies?

7) What chapter includes Bella and Edward's first kiss? (Please include chapter name and number in answer)

8) (Trickier question) When does Bella stop wearing headbands altogether in the movies? A: After Edward and her kissed for the first time, B: After Edward leaves her, or C: After the graduation party.

9) What music track plays when Bella is depressed for months and screaming in her sleep? A: "Let's Get Lost", B: "Tremble For My Beloved", or C: "Possibility".

10) Does Bella say the phrase, "Holy crow!" in the movies?

11) Does Jacob ever say "Sure, sure" in the movies?

12) Who said this: "You don't trust me."

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