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Similarities in Twilight Saga taglines

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I just noticed some similarities in the taglines of the Twilight Saga movies. Let's see if we can spot them.

  • Twilight

"Forever begins now" or something along those lines.

  • New Moon

"The next chapter begins"

  • Eclipse

"It all begins...with a choice"

  • Breaking Dawn

"Forever is only the beginning"

Sooo, it seems that with the Twilight Saga, something is always just beginning, whether it is in the middle, or approaching its conclusion. Well, that's what the movie taglines prove. A while ago, I was hoping Summit could switch it up a bit for Breaking Dawn. I guess not. But there's always next...franchise.

That was just something I noticed, and I felt like sharing it, so yeah.

Have a good day, count the seconds until Twilight 4, drink from a juice pouch, whatever.



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