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Questions on teams...

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So I have a few questions regarding the teams of the Twilight Saga after reading the "Teams" page. They're genuine questions, so please give honest, genuine answers....

  1. So any character can have a team, right? For example, if you like Seth, you can say you are on Team Seth without anyone saying, "Nuh-er! His team doesn't exist 'cause he doesn't love Bella!!!"?
  2. Is the whole Team Jacob/Team Edward thing is based on who you want Bella to be with, not just who you like?
  3. For example, if someone likes Edward, but not Edward and Bella as a couple because that person prefers Edward and Tanya or something, could that person be considered on Team Edward?
  4. If any character can have a team, does that mean any couple (existing or not, like Jacob and Leah aka Team Blackwater) can have a team also?
  5. Is Team Switzerland for people that cannot decide between Jacob or Edward, or is it for people that would rather have Bella with neither guy, but that person cannot decide who Bella should be with instead at the moment?
  6. If someone says they are Team Twilight, does that mean they just like everyone, or they do not like anyone at all, but prefer to love the books and movies rather than its characters?

So those are my questions. They're probably worded confusingly, but, uh, yeah....

Thanks, have a good day, and Twilight bless you.


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