I just realized that August 31-September 11th (or 10th, whatever) must have really sucked for Bella. Poor thing.

(And those are my two seconds of sympathy for her.)

Moving on, I have a couple of questions for you: Do you think that the first Breaking Dawn movie will stay close to the book? Do you hope it will stay close to the book? Why or why not?

Have fun!

With Twilightish love,


(Ugh, the font color for the picture is a little suck-ish. In case you're wondering what this picture says:

"Random person: Bella, you should change that shirt. You've been wearing that for 3 days.

Bella: I am preggo, I break like two bones a day, my summer vacation sucks, my husband wants to kill my baby, and I can't even shower or go on Facebook. I DO NOT CARE ABOUT HOW LONG I HAVE BEEN WEARING THIS SHIRT."

I mean, look at her facial expression. Doesn't she look a little bit annoyed, like someone said something stupid to her when that's clearly the last thing she's thinking about?)

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