You may or may not have known, but new Breaking Dawn character images have been revealed! Okay, so some are not new, but some are. I am pretty happy with them, though fourteen characters are still missing (nine shape-shifters; five vampires). *clears throat loudly* Where the heck are the wolf pack and Denali coven images? With the Denalis, we've gotten one image of them and about four seconds in total of screen time of them. With the wolf pack, I just can't get enough. I know Summit hasn't forgotten them...have they? Anyways, here are the images! Now, can we get some wolf pack and Denali coven images? Honestly, I do not give a flying cheese about the Cullens.

With Twilightish love,


Oh and by the way, the first Breaking Dawn TV spots will be premiering online (ironically) tomorrow. I can already tell that when my dad sees it, he'll say something along the lines of, "What the heck?" or "Wait, that girl gets pregnant?" but I'll probably be too busy doing my happy dance to notice his questions.

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