So about an hour ago, I found an Amazon cardboard box on my doorstep that was very light. I knew that it could only be the new 2012 Breaking Dawn Part 1 calendar I had ordered last Saturday in it. I was delighted when I opened the box to see the shiny new calendar. After I took all the plastic wrap off the calendar, I looked at which characters were on which months. Turns out, Bella-freaking-Cullen (she was wearing a ring, but not the one Edward proposed to her with in Eclipse) was on my birth month: November. I ran to the garage to show my dad and have a mock-rant. But I forgot that in the kitchen, there was some water on the floor that I had vowed to wipe up earlier. I slipped, being the klutz that I am, then fell down hard on my butt. My dad must have heard my loud scream, so he came into the kitchen. He found me lying on the kitchen floor, Breaking Dawn calendar in hand. I told him that Bella was on my--and his too--birth month and that this situation was very, very ironic. I don't like Bella, she was on my birth month, and as I ran to show my dad, I "pulled a Bella" and fell down. It turns out, I can't have a Twilight Saga calendar for 30 minutes without falling down on my butt while holding it. I'm okay, but that was very awkward. Fate just might be telling me that that's what I deserve for not liking the girl...maybe. Karma's a pain in the butt. Literally.

As for those who are curious as to which characters are on which months of 2012:

  • January 2012: Edward Cullen
  • February 2012: Bella Cullen
  • March 2012: Alice Cullen
  • April 2012: Jacob Black
  • May 2012: Rosalie Hale
  • June 2012: Jasper Hale
  • July 2012: Esme Cullen
  • August 2012: Emmett Cullen
  • September 2012: Carlisle Cullen
  • October 2012: Edward Cullen
  • November 2012: Bella Cullen
  • December 2012: Jacob Black

I know, I'm a spaz over the Twilight Saga, but that's why I'm here, right?



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