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Kristen Stewart gets the lead role in "Lie Down In Darkness"

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That's our Stew. It was recently reported that Kristen Stewart has gotten the lead role in the movie Lie Down In Darkness, the movie adaptation of a book from the '50s (no, I don't think she slept with the director for this). From what I know of the plot, it looks like the main character, Peyton, ends up killing herself. Yup, Kristen gets to portray that. So for the rest of 2012/2013 for Kris, it looks like we've got Lie Down In Darkness, On The Road, Cali, and Breaking Dawn - Part 2, of course. There's no word on a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. Oop.

I'm actually excited for LDID, too, though. I should read the book.

Thoughts? TeamTaycob 18:33, August 2, 2012 (UTC)

OH, and I almost forgot. Summit plans to move "full steam ahead" with Breaking Dawn - Part 2 promotion. Things are gonna be aaaawwkwaaaaard for Rob and Kris, lmao. But I'm excited. The release-everything-a-week-before-the-movie-comes-out crap that was pulled last November was sad and frustrating. So excited!

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