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Kristen Stewart gets the lead role in "Lie Down In Darkness"

That's our Stew. It was recently reported that Kristen Stewart has gotten the lead role in the movie Lie Down In Darkness, the movie adaptation of a book from the '50s (no, I don't think she slept with the director for this). From what I know of the plot, it looks like the main character, Peyton, ends up killing herself. Yup, Kristen gets to portray that. So for the rest of 2012/2013 for Kris, it looks like we've got Lie Down In Darkness, On The Road, Cali, and Breaking Dawn - Part 2, of course. There's no word on a sequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. Oop.

I'm actually excited for LDID, too, though. I should read the book.

Thoughts? TeamTaycob 18:33, August 2, 2012 (UTC)

OH, and I almost forgot. Summit plans to move "full steam ahead" with Breaking Dawn - Part 2 promotion. Things are gonna be aaaawwkwaaaaard for Rob and Kris, lmao. But I'm excited. The release-everything-a-week-before-the-movie-comes-out crap that was pulled last November was sad and frustrating. So excited!

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