Okay, I really meant to make just one blog this morning, and this is it. Happy Mother's Day, you guys! I'm not a mother yet (thank God), but I really enjoy this day. My mom really does a lot for my family, and I love her. I just wish the rest of my family could appreciate her like this everyday. Also, there a couple of Twilight moms, too. (Lol, even though they're not real.) Renee, Esme, Sarah (f**k, I'm gonna cry, she's dead)... this is for you, too. Now, I would find some cheesy fan art of Bella and Renesmonster Re-name-me Reneswhatthehell Renesmee, but I won't, 'cause I don't feel like it.

Have a great day and appreciate your mom, whether you live with her or not, TeamTaycob 13:46, May 13, 2012 (UTC)

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