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Happy Holidays to the Twilight Saga Wiki!!

Ahhh, can't you smell the excitement in the air? It's almost Christmas (and yes, I am aware that some of you do not celebrate Christmas), and I am so excited. (I am making this blog now because I know I'll forget on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.) My winter break has consisted of: seeing Breaking Dawn 1 in theaters again; enjoying the city's best pizza;watching tons of reruns of the Kardashian shows; and more. Life is pretty good.

2011 has been one incredible year, huh? I'm excited for 2012. And hasn't the Wiki been awesome this year too? I've only been a member since May 2011, but I feel like I've been a user on this Wiki for...wait for it..."A Thousand Years". (Yes, I do dislike the song, but I've recently learned how to play it on the violin [by ear], and it's sort of fun, though the key is pretty flat.) Anyway, I've had fun on this Wiki, and I am glad to have been a part of it. Let's make this Wiki even better in 2012!

Happy Holidays from yours truly,

TeamTaycob 19:10, December 22, 2011 (UTC)
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