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Do Twilighters Have a Special Sign??

So I noticed that fans of Glee, Gleeks, point their index finger and thumb into the shape of an L and put the L up to their foreheads. And fans of Lady Gaga, Little Monsters, put up one of their hands in a claw-like form.

What do Twilighters do, then??

Do we make growl, bite our wrists, bark? What do we do? Or do we do anything? There is a Twilighters secret handshake that I learned and made my younger brother do with me, but what is the physical symbol for being a fan of Twilight? Please give me the answer(s) and your made-up suggestions in the comments. It doesn't matter if they're crazy, silly, or anything in between. I am in a twi-dilemma.

Thank you! :D

Oh, and have a happy Memorial Day too!

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