Has anyone here ever been told, "Twilight sucks."? Well, this was supposed to be a Top 10 list, but I want to hear your experiences with TwiHaters. Also, we can come up with and share our comebacks to TwiHaters. My comebacks:

1) Well, you can kiss my Eclipse charm bracelet if you don't like Twilight. *Shoves bracelet in TwiHater's face* Kiss it!

2) You don't like Twilight. That's okay. It's also okay for me to choke you to death, right?

3) Bite me!

4) Bark off!

5) My boyfriend's a vampire/my best friend's a werewolf, so don't make me get him to kick your sorry butt for saying that!

And, uh, that's all I have. Remember: sometimes you will come across people who do not like Twilight. The best thing to do is get over it and move on. But keep these comebacks just in case. Hey, look! A link that gives perfect advice for this topic:

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