As I look at the Recent Activity page, once again, I find loads of trash-talking on the Edward Cullen and Jacob Black pages. And it's not even just trashing the characters; it's trashing other users too.

Really, guys? That is so not cool.

We're calling each other retards, telling each other to shut the f*** up, and whatnot.

Um, what happened to respecting others' opinions and thoughts? As much as hate the Jacob/Edward debate itself, fans fighting each other makes me even crazier. If you go to either the Jacob Black page or the Edward Cullen page, you can see clearly that this--this--is why big fans of the Twilight Saga get such a bad rep! We're throwing harsh words at each other and thinking it's okay because we're online, and in addition, we're still fighting about this stupid, stupid, stupid Team Edward/Team Jacob thing.

Also, why are people that prefer a different character going to the opposite character's page to talk trash about them? So someone may prefer Edward to Jacob or vice-versa. That's great. Why don't they do something positive and tell the wiki how much you love Edward/Jacob on their page? This whole debate thing is just so stupid. I mean, it's 2011! Bella already picked Edward. Edward seemed to have it in the bag from the very beginning to me, in my opinion.

The trash-talking is not going to fix anything. And being extremely rude to other users is definitely not going to fix anything. I will admit, I have been rather rude on pages of characters I do not like, just like a lot of other users (and annonymous contributers, for the most part), but at least I've learned that it's not cool to be rude to people I do not know, just because they do not have the same opinion as me. Call me old-fashioned if you want to, but I think respect has no age. It should be everywhere and given by everyone. On the Twilight Wiki or not, everyone deserves to be respected. Calling someone retarded, or gay, just because they don't have the same preferences as you, is really not cool.

Any thoughts or agreements?



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