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Breaking Dawn Comic-Con Clip v.2 (Better -- WAY better -- Quality!)

A while ago, I posted the honeymoon clip of Breaking Dawn 1 from Comic-Con. Well, on YouTube I just found yet another version of this scene, and it is waaay better. The only problem I have with it are peoples' heads in the way sometimes, but this looks pretty good. Also, the Comic-Con clips are suposed to hit the internet this week in hi-def, so I'll keep you guys updated. Without further ado, here is the honeymoon scene with more color and better lighting!

(Bella's face at 2:20, ftw.)

thumb|left|462px|Ahhh, aren't colorful clips fun?Tell me what you think!



P.S. I think "Sister Rosetta (Capture The Spirit)" is my new favorite song!

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