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Because I haven't made a quality blog in a while...

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...I'm not going to make one today, haha. There's really just nothing for me to say, or ask. I would probably come up with an insane list of Twilight questions, but honestly, I haven't been that infatuated with the Twilight Saga lately. I've temporarily left Twilight for The Hunger Games (dun dun DUN!!). If you haven't read THG, then you should. All the cool kids are reading it, lol. ;)

I'm particularly excited for Saturday the 10th, since the main three actors of THG (the popular actor equivalent to Twilight, if you prefer), Jennifer Lawrence, Liam Hemsworth, and Josh Hutcherson are coming to Seattle. I am so pumped for that.

But...I need things to ask/tell them. I know for a short time I'm going to be fangirling so hard I can't help myself, but when the meet-and-greet time actually comes, I'll really need to have something to say besides, "OhmygodohmygodohmygodIloveyouyou'reallsobeautifulLiamcanIhaveyourbabies?!?" So, do you have any suggestions? Tell me in the comments!

May the odds be ever in your Twilightish favor (see what I did there?!),

TeamTaycob 15:03, March 5, 2012 (UTC)

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