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Almost the holidays...

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Well, okay, yeah, Thanksgiving just happened. But Christmas (as well as other holidays) is approaching.

But besides the holidays, I would like to know how you guys have been. Really. I've only talked to, like... two of you? Yeah. I know. I suck. And I don't feel like messaging about 10 of you at once. Too much effort. >.<

Recently, I've been investing a lot of my time into obsessing over Taylor. I mean, yeah, I do that, anyway, but recently he's been the only thing that can keep me sane. I don't watch videos of him on a daily basis (because who has time for that?) but I've been trying to recently. I've also been really, really into fanfiction. With the Saga just ending (and I swear I remember thinking, "Haha, it's gonna be SUCH a long time until it's over!" back in 2009 which felt like yesterday) I really can't cry about this anymore. I can't cry about a series ending but I can elaborate on the content of it. Yeah, it hurts and yeah, it's gonna hurt for a long time, but I can't have tears interrupting me these days. Fanfiction has really taken my mind away from things, both Twilight-wise and personal life-wise.

And that's it for my little self-revelating blog. How have things been, and how do you feel about the end of the Twilight Saga?

Take care, stay warm (to those in the northern hemisphere), TeamTaycob 23:45, November 27, 2012 (UTC)

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