Warning: this blog is going to be slightly rant-like.

As some of you may know, I am on Team Jacob "until the very end and beyond" (which really means just for a few more years, five at the most). When I tell people--in real life and on this wiki--that I despise Edward, they ususally say, "Why? He's the perfect boyfriend!"

He is not the perfect boyfriend, in my opinion. I'm not implying that Jacob is the perfect boyfriend (if I were to date a boy that threw tools at the wall when he gets angry, I'd be like, "Dueces,"), but Edward is farther from perfect than Jacob is.

"Why?" you may ask. Click on the link, read this essay, then come back:

If you read the entire essay, congrats! You now know why I strongly dislike this sparkling stalker. If you didn't read it (it is a pretty long essay, I guess), here are direct quotes of Edward being a total jerk too, and his creepiness on the first date.

I don't get why Bella "loves" him. Oh wait. BECAUSE HE'S PRETTY.

These two pictures from Reasoning With Vampires, a blog that is AMAZING.
Tumblr ladbohpykf1qd0quuo1 500

Edward? Charming? PUH-LEAZE.

These prove that Edward really isn't that charming...but it's not like I'm trying to convince you to agree with something; I know I cannot.

Tumblr lf8mgf4idd1qd0quuo1 r3 500


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