I just saw yet another Beastly DVD commercial. Before this movie came out, I thought it would be good, so I read the book in a day. The book was good.

The movie had all the makings of a hit teen romance flick. It had the potential to be like the next Twilight. It had a pretty, young cast. It had romance. It had a good plot (this is debatable). Its main actor had abs.

Only, it flopped.

Beastly sucked. There. I said it. It sucked.

I saw it in a packed movie theater, the day after it came out. I felt offended as I ate my Milk Duds and stared at the poor acting and irrelevance to the novel it was adapted from.

Anyway, if some people thought Beastly would be the next Twilight, they were wrong.

Beastly failed. Hopefully, Breaking Dawn will not, and I doubt it will fail anyway.

Realization over.

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