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World... You just got Johaug'ed!

It just never ends, Norway wins almost everything!! Today, it was our skiing princess, Therese Johaug's day. She got the gold she's been waiting a long time for, and most of all; she beat our skiing queen, Marit Bjørgen! Love those girls, really, really do. Here's the list of medals Norway has earned:
Gold: 7
Silver: 6
Bronze: 5We're #1 on the list, with Austria behind us, and they also have 7 gold medals. Buuuuuut, tomorrow is the 50 kilometres for men, and I believe Petter Northug can win our 8th gold. I just hope he allows him self to be a bit pig again tomorrow, too, ahahaha.. GO NORTHUG (or just Norway in general)!

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