WHAT A DAY! Petter Northug has done it again! This time he celebrated the gold by slowing down right before the goal line, "waiting" for Marcus Hellner to come closer, before he went over and won. I just can't believe him.. He's a genious! :D Swedish commentators responded by calling him a pig. Well, I only have 1 thing to say; TONIGHT, WE'RE ALL PIGS! :D:D Btw, to all those Swedes out there... You got Northuged! Just sayin', ahahaha... I'm soooo proud of being Norwegian right now, this is unbelieveable. The girls earned gold, too, yesterday. Marit Bjørgen went into the stadium with the Norwegian flag placed in her hand, and a huuuuge smile on her face. Beautiful!!

Seriously, like, watch this. You won't regret, and I promise it'll make you smile a bit:
I know, the commentators are Norwegian, but all they're saying is something like "THIS IS GREAT!!! IT WAS PHOTO FINISH WITH ODDVAR BRÅ IN 1982, BUT WE DON'T NEED THAT NOW!!!", blablabla.. They are really happy, and we can all see who's the king here.
Hellner did a great job, though! Those Swedes are really making us to go even harder.. It's always exciting to compete with them!

Petter Northug jr is the man, and now he has done it again. PROUD!!!

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