K, so... In Norwegian class, we're working on this assignment at the moment, and we could choose between different topics. Anyways, I picked to read a book and then compare it to the movie, so me and my best friend chose Twilight. She hates it, by the way, but we found out that it would be much easier because both of us knows the story and the plot. Well, Imma get to the point now; it's like, I really like the book, and I think it's hilarious sometimes, because Bella is just so stupid at times, so I'm, like.. I'm sitting there, in class, everyone is silent, reading their own book.. And I'm seriously struggling to keep myself from bursting out in laughter sometimes! Like, today, I got to the part where Bella gets sick in biology class when they're testing their blood-types, and she is just laying there on the pavement outside the school, Edward comes over and is all like "Bella, can you hear me?" and she's like "No. Go away." and I'm sitting there, just wanting to burst out laughing, but I can't, and that's really annoying sometimes! Besides, I feel kinda weird; everyone is just reading a normal book, but I'm so dedicated to Twilight, so if someone looks at me when I'm reading something funny, they'll find me smiling for no reason.. Oh my God, I can't help but laugh just thinking about it, LOL.


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