So, you know I'm Team Jacob, and I always will be. And, I'm still pissed that Bella didn't choose Jacob, but I can't change that decision. Anyway, I've always thought that Bella and Jacob should be together, something I still do. But when I read these fanfictions about Bella and Jacob's life, it all turns out wrong! So annoying... It's like, Bella chose Jacob, and they are living happily together, they have kids and all that.. But, you know what? Still wrong. I don't know why, and I can't help it.
Of course, it would obviously be different if Stephenie Meyer wrote a story about Bella and Jake, because her words are more.. Expressful, can I say that? You know, she's the person who created this whole thing, so of course it would be different than all these fanfictions, because no one of them have the same "magic" as Stephenie's story.
I wish Stephenie would just write a book about them, about life after Eclipse if Bella chose Jacob. Call it Breaking Dawn/Bella- and Jacobversion. And, I can just imagine; no Renesmee! Ahh.. Wonderful.
But; it won't happen. And that sucks.

I just wish that SM would publish a book about them. Just ONE book. Is that too much to ask for?

Team Jacob <3

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