I made a couple of edits on Kristen's birthday but they won't upload, considering they're psd's, so I'll just give you guys the link instead!

This is the first one, which was inspired by Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away":

And then there's this one, which has to be one of my best edits ever:

OHH, and I watched this video of Kristen at the beach (she was filmed by a fan), and here's how it went:

Fan: Hey, Kristen, how's your ankle?

Kristen: What?

Fan: Your ankle!

Kristen: My uncle?

Fan: Ohh, come on.

Bahahahaha, I seriously laughed my butt off!

To put a finish to it all, what do you guys think of my new avatar? I mean, aren't they perfect together? I think so. :) Also, feel free to give me your opinions on my edits! I'm not really good at editing and stuff so I would really appreciate it.



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