I just need to get this out.

Like, after summer, these two new girls started in our class. Just to mention it; they're twins, which makes it even worse. Yeah, so all the guys are like, swarming after them. I have no idea why, that's just how it is. Like, they've managed to get one female friend, and the rest are all guys. Personally I find these girls annoying as fudge, because they walked in like they owned the school and now they're taking all of the boys with them. I'm not even kidding, all the boys are after them. Before, we all used to hang out during lunch period and stuff, because we're a class where everyone gets along. But now we're split up because everyone (*cough* boys *cough*) keeps following the twins everywhere and it's actually pissing me off. I used to be best friends with one of the guys but we barely speak nowadays because he's too busy flirting with his girlfriends. I just don't see why all the guys are after them. I mean, what makes them so much better than the rest of us? Yes, they're new and yes, there's two of them, but does that make them queens of our class? I don't think so. I just feel like they're taking all of our friends away. I sit in this little group with all of my friends and then the twins come walking by with approximately ten boys following them like puppies, and none of them even looks at us. I mean, me and one of the dudes were best friends! What happened with that? I think the twins want attention and status. Like, they think they're so cool because all of the guys are following them, and I've heard from a close source (he goes to the same school as they did) that they're both all over the boys. I look at them as players and I think it has to mean something when they only have one female friend. The rest of us barely speak with them. Besides, I have about five, maybe six friends who don't like them either, and personally I think that's a sign. I just hope the guys find out about it sooner or later. The thing is, they're both actresses and they're annoying the fudge out of me. THE END.


She's not a saint and she's not what you think, she's an actress.

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