This day was just... Oh my god, I can't even explain it.

There was this dude who arranged for us to walk in a rose march, to show our respect for the victims of the terror act and the shooting incident, and to show their families and friends that they are not alone, and that we stand together.

So, me, my mom, my aunt and my cousin all took the train to Oslo, and we brought our roses to. The march was supposed to start at the Town Hall Square, and when we got there, it was filled with people. There were so many people, we were barely able to see something that was written on this... Billboard/screen-thing.

We finally managed to figure out what was written there, and it said that because there were so many people there, we wouldn't be able to walk in a rose march. Instead, it was set up a stage for some entertaining. And so we waited for like, another hour or so, and someone finally came up to the stage. He asked us to lift our roses up in the air, and...

I have NEVER experienced ANYTHING like it. There was about 200.000 people there, and everyone lifted up their roses at the same time. It was like a sea of roses. Can you imagine that? It was incredible, and I'll never forget it.

Later, there were some speeches and stuff, and then music. In the end, we were asked to walk calmly on our way home, and put our roses down anywhere. We filled the city with roses, with colours, with love.

So, I guess... Just because something terrible and horrible and tragic has happened, doesn't mean that we should sit down and cry and don't speak to each other. It doesn't mean that we should go around and be silent and get closed up because of it. No, we're supposed to be there for each other and show each other love. You know, one hug too much is better than one hug too little.

We did it. We rised above it. We haven't forgotten. But we've moved on. And I'm proud of us.

"If one man can show so much hatred, imagine how much love we all can show together." - Utøya survivor



The sea of flowers, candles and cards outside the church. It's removed now, but it was beautiful.

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